Drone Services

Once used in military applications, where human reach was deemed to be risky or undesirable, the UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or Drones as they are commonly called are presently mainstream. We have taken it upon us to bring this buzzing autonomous technology via Professional Drone Services at your doorstep. To enhance and give wings to everything you have to say.

Our services range across the visually stunning Aerial Photography, Aerial Films to the incredible Aerial Panoramas, applicable in various fields such as Real Estate, Tourism, Hospitality industries and more.

Aerial Property panoramas

Say hello to first of its kind service of Real Estate Drone Photography in the name of Aerial Panorama. To let our Real Estate clients have a real-time experience of their new and upcoming ventures. We provide a unique tool by tagging information of places in and around your land, to get you face-to-face with the location. 

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is where it all began for us at the Auro Media House. We wear it on our sleeve as a specialty, bringing to you acclaimed work.