Ad Films

Your brand is our inspiration to create extraordinary stories. The genius lies in knowing what is to be said or best left unsaid for a lasting impact.


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Corporate Films

By and large a Corporate Film is a modern-day storyteller. It is an effective and far-reaching communication tool that articulates your Story, Strength, and Success to the global gallery

Startup Films

So, you had a breakthrough idea, coupled with business acumen to launch your own Startup Company. Well, we congratulate you, for you are the world’s future maker. But how will you go around the town to effectively let people know, what is in store for them? Here is where we, at Auro Media House, pitch in to give visual strokes to your Elevator Pitch

Post Production

We, at the Auro Media House, understand this responsibility that comes with the making of a Trailer or Teaser during Post-Production.Our endeavour would be to capture the essence of your movie and arrive at its storyline. And we start it by putting up a product that makes everyone cannot wait to watch!

Real Estate Films

Let everyone know the name and value of your Real Estate ventures that are soon going to be hot-selling properties. Real Estate Drone services are a growing demand today. Our hi-tech gear and a proficient team will put together a film that will not just give an idea, but also wouldn’t leave any room for doubt in your future buyers